My work is a combination of illustration and sculptural relief which is achieved with wire as the line can be taken off the page and into space.

My inspiration comes from within. External experience is internalised, and my work is personal processing made into form.

I am fascinated by humanity and our psychology.  Some examples of themes that run through my work are: our relationships with ourselves, with loved ones and the wider community; motherhood, and aloneness.

More recently I have been making explorations into our thoughts, how thoughts can give rise to feelings of entrapment and paralysis through fears and anxiety. How we can get stuck with stories we think define us. Then ultimately, the pursuit of freedom from thought.

I use symbolism through the natural world, animal, bird and plant life to represent those different aspects of our inner selves, primarily the tension between the ‘enlightened’ or ‘free’ self, and the pull of our ego with its inticing endless chatter, often negative, illusionary and binding.

The combination of human, animal and plant life in my work is attempting aswell to underline our interconnectedness with all life, where, especially  in the western world, we increasing separate ourselves from it.


Exhibitions & Activities

Current: 2018 AAF Hampstead May 10th-13th, represented by Decorazon Gallery.
2018  weekends in May Brighton Festival Open Houses, 43 Hove Park Villas, Hove

2017 Aug -Sept  Group show. The Canwood Gallery, Herefordshire. UK
2016 -2017 Aug – Jan. Installation for ‘Ideal Networks Ltd’ offices, Brighton Station.
2016 – April 29th-June 5th. Exhibition, and representation Galleri Plan B, ‘Season of Grace’ Vaxjo, Sweden.

2011 – 2016. Full time mother and personal development of artwork in studio.

2007-12 Exhibition and representation, Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte St, London.
2009-10 Exhibition, Hubert Gallery, Madison Avenue. New York. US
2009 Album Artwork for ‘Wild Beasts’, ‘Two Dancers’, Domino Records.
2005 Exhibition, New Greenham Arts Centre/Corn Exchange. Newbury. Berkshire.
2004-07 Exhibition and representation, Red Gallery, Loudwater, Buckinghamshire.
2004 Exhibition, The Proper Study of Mankind. Museum of Modern Art. Wales.
2003 Exhibition. The Courtyard Art Centre, Hereford.
2001 Exhibition. The Leftbank, Hereford.
2001 Exhibition. Tredegar House Gallery, Hay on Wye
2000 ExhibitionA on Y Gallery. Hay on Wye
2000 Exhibition. The Basement, Hay on Wye, Wales.

Art Fairs 2007-2012
Represented by Woolff Gallery London

London Art Fair, Islington Business Centre, London
Art London, Royal Hospital, Chelsea.
ArtChicago, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.
Toronto International art fair, North Building, Toronto .
Art Miami, Miami.
The Hamptons, New York.

AAF 2017-2018
Represented by Decorazon Gallery

London, Hampstead May 2018
Stockholm, Oct 2017
London Battersea. Oct 2017

Affordable Art Fairs 2006-2012
Represented by the Woolff Gallery and Red Gallery

New York


1996 BA Hons, Sculpture – Fine Art, School of Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.

1993 Foundation, Art Therapy, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.