At the heart of my work is drawing, having drawn obsessively since childhood. I discovered my love of working 3 dimensionally at Art School and went on t0 complete my degree in Sculpture. I felt I needed to marry both disciplines and my work developed into a  combination of illustration and linear sculpture; I achieve this with wire as the line can be taken off the page and into space.


For me, the process of taking the drawn line and passing it through space instead was an extremely freeing move. The space, through which the wire passes and weaves around, now holds its own three dimensional definition as the line suggests its shape by use of negative space.

The effect on the viewer is an ethereal one, almost ghostly. The lines are not the only lines created. According to changing light, shadow drawings appear on the wall behind, lines of different density and blur, obscured and distorted or crisp and sharp in relation to the light source and distances of the line.  This gives the line drawn in space a life and quality that the drawn line on a page cannot have as it is only ever perceived on a single plane.

The ephemeral nature of my work creates the sense of impermanence and fragility.

This ties in with other focal points of fascination for me; our humanity, consciousness, psychology and spirituality. These themes endure throughout my work. Faces recur again and again, as they are to me the symbol of all those things. The ways we relate to ourselves, to loved ones, and to all life are a constant inquiry for me.

I use symbols of the natural world, animal, bird and plant life to represent the different aspects of our inner selves, primarily the tension between the ‘enlightened’ or ‘free’ self (birds and creatures of the air) and the pull of our ego with its enticing endless chatter, often negative, illusionary and binding (earth bound creatures).

As these are symbolic to our inner lives, the inner is always mirrored in our outer lives and environment. By intertwining creatures and plants within the human animal , it serves to remind us of our own connectedness with all forms of life, where, very much in these times we increasingly separate ourselves from nature to our detriment.



Exhibitions & Activities

2020 -10-19th April. Chaiya Art Awards, selected for winners exhibition and book.  Gallery@Oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
2019 -2020 Selection of smaller works. Lion Street Gallery, Hay on Wye, Powys.
2019 September Group show. The Canwood Gallery, Herefordshire
2019  May Brighton Festival Open Houses, Collectors Selection, 43 Hove Park Villas, Hove

2018 AAF Hampstead May 10th-13th, represented by Decorazon Gallery.
2018  May Brighton Festival Open Houses, Collectors Selection, 43 Hove Park Villas, Hove

2017 Aug -Sept  Group show. The Canwood Gallery, Herefordshire.
2016 -2017 Aug – Jan. Installation for ‘Ideal Networks Ltd’ offices, Brighton Station.
2016 – April 29th-June 5th. Exhibition, and representation Galleri Plan B, ‘Season of Grace’ Vaxjo, Sweden.

2011 – 2016. Full time mother and personal development of artwork in studio.

2007-12 Exhibition and representation, Woolff Gallery, 89 Charlotte St, London.
2009-10 Exhibition, Hubert Gallery, Madison Avenue. New York. US
2009 Album Artwork for ‘Wild Beasts’, ‘Two Dancers’, Domino Records.
2005 Solo Exhibition, New Greenham Arts Centre/Corn Exchange. Newbury. Berkshire.
2004-07 Exhibition and representation, Red Gallery, Loudwater, Buckinghamshire.
2004 Exhibition, The Proper Study of Mankind. Museum of Modern Art. Wales.
2003 Exhibition. The Courtyard Art Centre, Hereford.
2001 Exhibition. The Leftbank, Hereford.
2001 Exhibition. Tredegar House Gallery, Hay on Wye
2000 ExhibitionA on Y Gallery. Hay on Wye
2000 Exhibition. The Basement, Hay on Wye, Wales.

AAF 2017-current
Represented by Decorazon Gallery

London, Hampstead May 2018
Stockholm, Oct 2017
London Battersea. Oct 2017

Art Fairs 2007-2012
Represented by Woolff Gallery London

London Art Fair, Islington Business Centre, London
Art London, Royal Hospital, Chelsea.
ArtChicago, The Merchandise Mart, Chicago.
Toronto International art fair, North Building, Toronto .
Art Miami, Miami.
The Hamptons, New York.


Affordable Art Fairs 2006-2012
Represented by the Woolff Gallery and Red Gallery

New York


1996 BA Hons, Sculpture – Fine Art, School of Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh.

1993 Foundation, Art Therapy, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh.