For me, the process of taking the drawn line and passing it through space instead was an extremely freeing move. The space, through which the wire passes and weaves around, now holds its own three dimensional definition as the line suggests its shape by use of negative space.

The effect on the viewer is an ethereal one, almost ghostly. The lines are not the only lines created. According to changing light, shadow drawings appear on the wall behind, lines of different density and blur, obscured and distorted or crisp and sharp in relation to the light source and distances of the line.  This gives the line drawn in space a life and quality that the drawn line on a page cannot have as it is only ever perceived on a single plane.

The ephemeral nature of my work creates the sense of impermanence and fragility.

The wires used are varying gauges of binding wire usually used in the jewellery making process, they are easily malleable. The wire forms and details are built up within a supporting shape or structure of thicker wire, this is all hand manipulated requiring no tools apart from snips and the occasional use of pliers for bending thicker wires.